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Two Wangs (二王, Chinese: Èr Wáng)

The legendary father 王羲之 (Wáng Xīzhī, 303–361) and his son 王獻之 (Wáng Xiànzhī, 344 – 386 C.E.) who both lived during Jin dynasty (晉朝, 265 – 420). Wáng Xīzhī is said to have written the most remarkable masterpiece in semi-cursive style ever created (and possibly the most significant calligraphic masterpiece ever written) - the Preface to the Poems Composed at the Orchid Pavilion (蘭亭集序, Chinese: Lántíngjí Xù). He is also often referred to as the “sage of calligraphy” (書聖, Chinese: Shū shèng). Wáng Xiànzhī was his most talented child, yet his style never achieved such mastery as that of his father’s.

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