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Sui dynasty period (隋朝, Chinese: Suí Cháo, 581 – 618)

During the Sui dynasty one of the most important calligraphy theories was developed, referred to as “The Eight Principles of The Character ”永” (えい, ei, i.e. “eternity”); in Japanese: 永字八法 (えいじはっぽう, eiji happō). It was laid out by the Buddhist monk 智永 (Zhì Yǒng, birth and death dates unknown), who was related to the calligraphy sage 王羲之 (Wáng Xīzhī, 303 – 361 C.E.) of the Jin dynasty (晉朝, 265-420 C.E.). Please click here to read more about the history of Chinese calligraphy.

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