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Shōten (小篆, しょうてん, i.e. “small seal script”)

Small seal script (篆書, てんしょ, tensho, i.e. “seal script”). One of the two forms of seal script. Another one is great seal script (大篆, だいてん, daiten). When the first emperor of Qin dynasty (秦朝, 221 - 206 B.C.), 秦始皇 (Qín Shǐhuáng, 259 BC – 210 B.C.), demolished the opposing warring states and united ancient China in 221 B.C., he asked the Prime Minister 李斯 (Lǐ Shī, 280 – 208 B.C.) to unify characters of the great seal script, which further led to development of the small seal script. It was much more standardised and uniform than great seal script; in fact, it was the first time that official writing rules were introduced, leading to characters having more balance and consistency. Please click here for more details on small seal script.

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Page last modified on December 23, 2011, at 10:12 AM