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Sanseki (三蹟, さんせき, lit. “three traces”)

Literally “three traces”. A name used for three famous calligraphers (please also see 三筆, さんぴつ, sanpitsu, i.e. “three brushes”) of the later Heian period (平安時代, へいあんじだい, 794 - 1185). They were: Ono no Michikaze, also known as Ono no Tōfū (小野道風, おの の みちかぜ・おの の とうふう, 894 – 966), a very talented artist and calligrapher who managed to continue what Kūkai (空海, くうかい, 774–835) started, and managed to develop a completely fresh style, known today as和様書道(わようしょどう, wayō shodō, i.e. “Japanese style calligraphy”), Fujiwara no Sukemasa (藤原 佐理, ふじわら の すけまさ, 944 – 998) and Fujiwara no Yukinari (藤原 行成, ふじわら の ゆきなり, 972 – 1027). All three were outstanding calligraphers.

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