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Kaiwan hō (廻腕法, かいわんほう, i.e. “round arm technique”).

One of the methods of holding a calligraphy brush, where the right arm (腕) is suspended in the air during writing (please also refer to 懸腕法 (けんわんほう, kenwan hō, i.e. “suspended arm technique”), and the palm of the hand is curved around the brush shaft, with the wrist steeply curved away from the calligrapher’s body, perpendicularly to the paper’s surface. This is a very traditional and ridged writing technique, that supposedly is to offer much less freedom than the above- mentioned kenwan hō (懸腕法), that utilises a more relaxed brush grip. However, when skilfully used, kaiwan hō can produce astonishing lines, mirroring in the brush strokes the inner power and true spiritual mastery of the art.

The other significant brush holding techniques are 提腕法 (ていわんほう, teiwan hō, i.e. “bucket arm technique”), and 枕腕法 (ちんわんほう, chinwan hō, i.e. “pillow arm technique”).

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