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Inkstone (硯, すずり, suzuri)

One of the “four treasures of the study” (文房四宝, ぶんぼうしほう, bunbō shihō), which are: brush, inkstone, ink and paper. The inkstone is the second most important treasure of the calligrapher. It is the soul of the calligrapher’s studio. Suzuri symbolizes a tiny universe. The “hill”, also known as “temple” (墨堂, ぼくどう, bokudō) is where the ink is ground, the “pond” or “well” (墨池, ぼくち, bokuchi) where ready-made ink is stored, and the “shore” (硯区, すずりく, suzuriku) separates them both. If taken care of properly, the life span of an inkstone is infinite. Please click here to read more about inkstones.

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