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Chōwatai (調和体、ちょうわたい)

Mini2:c10_master_ishitobi_hakko.jpg"Chouwatai: | “Mt. Fuji. “Into the future Japan”. Calligraphy based on a classic by the Japanese poet Kusano Shinpei(草野心平, くさの しんぺい、1903 - 1988), entitled 富士山作品第参 (ふじさんさくひんだいさん, “M. Fuji. Third poem.”). This work is a spectacular example of Japanese調和体. "

Chōwatai literally means “harmony of bodies (scripts)”. In Japanese calligraphy it is a mixture of kanji (漢字, かんじ), Japanese kana script (かな), and katakana (片仮名, かたかな) syllabary in one work. It allows for creating fascinating expressive combinations perfectly harmonious with unique Japanese aesthetics. Chōwatai is a very difficult script to write, and requires vast knowledge of calligraphy.

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