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Shodopedia stands for a “shodō web encyclopedia”. The Japanese word shodō (書道, しょどう) could be understood as “path (through life) via writing (calligraphy)”. Shodopedia is part of the Beyond Calligraphy project, and its aim is to explain the terminology and history necessary for practicing and appreciating Chinese and Japanese calligraphy. The information available on the subject in English is very limited, and those who are unable to read Chinese or Japanese characters face difficulties in learning more about it. On this website you will learn not only about the history of this fascinating art, but also discover many interesting truths about the unique culture of the Far East.

Shodopedia is an ever-growing database. Due to the complexity of the subject, and the extensive history of Chinese and Japanese calligraphy, it would be simply impossible to discuss every aspect of it, so if there is anything that you would like us to write an article about on the Shodopedia, please feel free to contact us.

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